About Us

Established in 2013, Hanging Charlie Productions is a group of young filmmakers who have banded together to create fresh, original works in a new and invigorating way. It all began with a group of co-workers who were discontented by serving tables. With a little know-how, some halfway decent equipment, and a whole lot of drive, they began creating a series of short sketches. This rapidly grew into a longing for more in-depth work, which led to their involvement in the 48 Hour Film Project, where their short film, "Hanging Charlie," was selected as a finalist for the Best of New York 2013, winning Honorable Mention for Best Musical Score. Since then, they have honed their skills and workflow through a number of projects. Hanging Charlie Productions recently completed principal photography for a SAG-AFTRA New Media comedic web series called "Find Love, NYC" which will be launching online in February 2014.